Friday, March 30, 2012

Our LEGO Room, Part 4

Time to wrap up the tour!  If you've visited us before, you know that we usually announce our building challenges on Friday, however we're going to postpone that until next Friday so we can wrap up our LEGO tour.

The final "wall" of our LEGO room runs along the stairwell, then there's a space which serves as the "main entrance", and then there's a half-wall separating our LEGO room from our TV room.  

It starts off with another bookcase of storage that has lots of neat buildings and a LEGO pirate ship I designed.

This is what the half wall looks like.  We put a lot of our short drawer units here and put a long wooden board across them to create a nice even surface.

On top of the wooden board we stacked some wire shelves and put a board on that to have an elevated shelf.  These are all just scraps of things we had laying around.  Next to it is a table that I used to use for scrapbooking.

These drawer units hold blocks.  There are a few big deep drawers that we use to hold those really large baseplates that are hard to store.

And that's the complete tour!  It's a really great space to work in, particularly when it's clean.  The only down side is that LEGO collections only get bigger, and so we keep having to find creative ways to use the space we have.  Maybe we've given you some ideas you can use.

In the future I was thinking I might post about the LEGO collection itself - our sets date back to the 1970s, although those are few in number (just what survived from my childhood).  The bulk of our collection is from the mid-1990s and later.  Still, I thought it might be neat to revisit some of the oldies but goodies that we have.  So stay tuned!

If you missed the beginning of the tour, this link will take you back to the first post.

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