Monday, March 26, 2012

Our LEGO Room, Part 2

As promised, our tour of our LEGO room continues today.  If you missed the first post, you can find it here.

Along the second wall of our LEGO room, we have a long stretch of storage units with pieces, pieces, and more pieces.

We use the tops of the storage units to hold constructed sets, bins of pieces to sort, boxes we want to keep...and once it gets too crowded, we start to disassemble things until everything has a home.

We've got three storage units that hold all different colors & styles of plates.  We have some in other places, too, but as much as possible, we try to keep parts that are similar near each other.

Below is the bookcase where we keep our instructions & catalogs.  We have all our instructions in plastic sleeves and sorted by number.  There's no more room for binders, so I guess that means we're done buying LEGOs...not.  We do have to find a place where we can put more binders, though.

The yellow grandfather clock is something we (LEGOMom & LEGODad) built a LONG time ago - in the B.K. (Before Kids) era.  We keep it together because if we didn't, we'd need a MUCH larger drawer for yellow blocks. :)  At the time, brown blocks weren't very common, and that's why we went with the yellow/red color scheme.  We left a hole in the clock face and bought a clock mechanism to fit through it, so the clock does actually work.  This piece has survived 2 moves, which is pretty impressive, considering it isn't glued together.  The dragon on top isn't part of the design.  He got crowded out of his old spot, so I perched him there, rather than disassemble him.

So that's the highlights of Wall #2.  Check back in 2 days for the next installment!

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