Friday, January 27, 2012

Building Challenge #4

We've made it through a month's worth of challenges!

Let's get right to...

Building Challenge #4:  Winter
Here in Western New York we haven't had much of a winter - more rain than snow.  I miss the white winter landscapes, and that's what inspired this challenge.  The idea this week is to make a model that reminds you of winter.

My son knew exactly what he wanted to make.  Here's his inspiration model:
Snowboarder, by LEGOBoy
He used a clear baseplate from the Mosaic sets (remember those?) as ice, threw some "snow" down on top, and used a hinged element to attach his snowboarder at an angle.

Winter gear and a surfboard...kind of reminds me of the winter we're having here!

I like being out in the snow, but I also like coming inside to warm up...especially with some hot chocolate or by sitting in front of a cozy fire.  So here's what I made:

Winter Inside & Out, by LEGOMom

Turn the model around...

This is one of those models where I wanted to spend oodles of time adding detail, but unfortunately I don't have that kind of time right now.  I'm happy with how my double-sided model turned out.  It was challenging to use the orange-y brown bricks, as we don't have a lot of specialty pieces to customize with.

Well, thanks for checking us out again this week!  As always, we'd love to have you join in the fun!  Take a picture and add your model below!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Building Challenge #3

Even though we haven't had much luck persuading people to build with us, we're having fun, so we're going to continue with Building Challenge #3!  We would love to have you play along with us, so if you've been thinking about it, now's the time!

This week's challenge is...

Building Challenge #3:  Make a Scene!
This week we're challenging you to take a minifig...any minifig... and design a scene for them.  We recently got some of the new Series 6 minifigs, which inspired this challenge.  In this week's inspiration models, we'll show you our choice of minifig first, and then our creation!

Let's start with LEGODad, who chose the Musketeer...three of them :)

Here's his awesome scene...
And a close up of the action...

Next up...LEGOBoy.  He chose the new Minotaur from Series 6.
 He created a temple and treasure for the Minotaur and designed a labyrinth.  Very cool!
Last up is me, LEGOMom.  I chose a Series 6 minifig also...the Surgeon!
Here's a shot of the entire model:
I took the time to put in quite a bit of detail, so here are some close-ups for you to enjoy.

We each had a lot of fun choosing a minifig and designing a scene for it.  We hope we've inspired you to take the challenge and share your models with us!  Remember, you have until the end of the month to submit.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Building Challenge #2

Okay, before we get down to business and announce our second challenge, we'd like to remind you that these challenges remain open for the rest of the month.  So if you're new here, we'd love to have you check out our first challenge and share a model!  This link will take you there, and if you need help posting an entry, click here.

Time for the next challenge!  Wherever you are, whatever you're doing...stop and take a look around because the next challenge is....

Building Challenge #2:  Build an Everyday Object
This time the scale is up to you.  Put a LEGO twist on an everyday object.  We have some AWESOME inspiration models for you this week.  First up is me, LEGOMom with the world famous red stapler!  (Have you seen my stapler??)
Red Stapler, by LEGOMom
Make sure you load the staples!
And you can open it all the way if you need to tack something to a bulletin board!
Next is another impressive entry by 7 year old LEGOBoy.  He made a riding lawn mower, complete with a propeller underneath to simulate the mower blade!
Riding Lawn Mower, by LEGOBoy
And last, but not least, LEGODad spent quite a bit of time cooking up his 8-bit Nintendo!  And of course, it wasn't enough to make something that just *looked* like a Nintendo.  It has a working door which you can open and close and slide a cartridge into, the controller can be plugged in or removed, and the buttons on the front of the console are "pushable".  (There's a spring brick behind them.)  The cartridges by themselves are impressive.  And even the controller cable is LEGO.
8-bit Nintendo Console by LEGODad
Insert a game.
Two cartridges available now.
Just wow.  
We hope we've inspired you to build something and share with us!  Comments are appreciated, too.  And remember, if we've talked you into playing along with us, add AFOL or KFOL to your picture caption!  Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

LEGO Game Online Deals

There are a number of LEGO games that are available for purchase at clearance prices.

Amazon (only 2 left in stock) (3861) LEGO Champion       Reg: $34.99   Sale: $21.85  (3847) Magma Monster      Reg $14.99    Sale $3.48
          (3850) Meteor Strike   Reg $19.99   Sale $11.98
          (3851) Atlantis Treausre      Reg $24.99   Sale $17.48
          (3852) Sunblock      Reg $9.99   Sale $6.98

Monday, January 9, 2012 Clearance Deals

There's two sets currently on clearance.  I think the Battle Arena was actually cheaper at, though.
LEGO City Fire Truck 7239 - free shipping when you use your REDcard plus get 5% off sale prices
(7239) LEGO City Fire Truck     Reg. $22.99    Sale $8.04
(2520) LEGO Ninjago Battle Arena          Reg. $49.99    Sale $34.98

The local Targets in Amherst and Niagara Falls have not discounted the clearance stuff beyond 30% as of this morning.  They do have some of the new 2012 sets in stock, however.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Building Challenge #1: Space Vehicle Microbuild

Welcome to the inaugural Building Challenge at The Brick Collectors Building Challenge Blog!  New challenges will be announced on Fridays. Anyone of any age is welcome to participate – we’d love to see AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) models as well as those from teens down to toddlers – KFOLs (Kid Fans of LEGO)! 

To enter, post your model to your personal blog or other online gallery. When you submit, please indicate AFOL for adult entries, or KFOL for kid entries (up to age 16). Once a challenge is open, it will remain open for the remainder of the month. That way, you have more opportunities to play along. The "like" with each entry is just for fun & feedback.  Positive comments are always encouraged.

At the end of the month, we will select our favorite submissions to appear in the Builders' Spotlight for that month. We will select one KFOL entry and one AFOL entry for each challenge. In addition, if you have a blog, we will send you code for a special blog badge for your winning entry. 

Challenge Rules 
1. Be creative and have fun! 
2. When in doubt, see Rule #1. 

If you only have a few minutes to spend working on a submission, don’t let that stop you from joining in. If you want to spend a week working on something, you can do that, too. And if you are so in the zone that your model ends up straying from the challenge a bit, don’t let that stop you from participating. It’s all about rule #1!  If you need any assistance with posting a model, click the Challenge Guidelines tab for more info.

So let's get to it!
Building Challenge #1:  Space Vehicle Microbuild
This week's challenge is to build a microscale space vehicle.  Here are some inspiration models to get the ideas flowing:

Cargo Hauler by LEGOBoy, Age 7

Flying Saucer by LEGOMom
(The top of the model actually spins!)

Starship Enterprise by LEGODad
We can't wait to see what you contribute!  Don't forget to tag your entry AFOL or KFOL!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review - LEGO Friends City Park Cafe (3061)

For those LEGO fans in Western New York, our Amherst Toys R Us was putting out the LEGO Friends Sets today.  I had a bunch of coupons to use, so I picked up this set for free, which is good since Toys R Us marks up their prices.  Anyway, I chose this set because it had a bunch of cute new elements - cupcake wrappers, utensils, a very nice cash register.  I was pleasantly surprised by the blue plates - there are 3, and one of them is one of the new, larger square ones they've started making.
Also, the minifigs are not that much larger than traditional LEGO minifies.  I thought they'd sort of bother me, but they really don't.  Overall I really like the new parts and colors in this set.  I'm interested in getting a few more of the Friends sets because of the unique parts and colors.

If you can get it for a discount price, this is a nice purchase.  $34.99 (Toys R Us MSRP) for 222 pieces is a bit steep, otherwise.

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