Friday, January 27, 2012

Building Challenge #4

We've made it through a month's worth of challenges!

Let's get right to...

Building Challenge #4:  Winter
Here in Western New York we haven't had much of a winter - more rain than snow.  I miss the white winter landscapes, and that's what inspired this challenge.  The idea this week is to make a model that reminds you of winter.

My son knew exactly what he wanted to make.  Here's his inspiration model:
Snowboarder, by LEGOBoy
He used a clear baseplate from the Mosaic sets (remember those?) as ice, threw some "snow" down on top, and used a hinged element to attach his snowboarder at an angle.

Winter gear and a surfboard...kind of reminds me of the winter we're having here!

I like being out in the snow, but I also like coming inside to warm up...especially with some hot chocolate or by sitting in front of a cozy fire.  So here's what I made:

Winter Inside & Out, by LEGOMom

Turn the model around...

This is one of those models where I wanted to spend oodles of time adding detail, but unfortunately I don't have that kind of time right now.  I'm happy with how my double-sided model turned out.  It was challenging to use the orange-y brown bricks, as we don't have a lot of specialty pieces to customize with.

Well, thanks for checking us out again this week!  As always, we'd love to have you join in the fun!  Take a picture and add your model below!


  1. Wow! Just found your challenges. Soooo ispiring! Gotta persuade my family to join in. We'll be back! :)

    1. We'd love to see what you and your family create. Welcome!


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