Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review - LEGO Friends City Park Cafe (3061)

For those LEGO fans in Western New York, our Amherst Toys R Us was putting out the LEGO Friends Sets today.  I had a bunch of coupons to use, so I picked up this set for free, which is good since Toys R Us marks up their prices.  Anyway, I chose this set because it had a bunch of cute new elements - cupcake wrappers, utensils, a very nice cash register.  I was pleasantly surprised by the blue plates - there are 3, and one of them is one of the new, larger square ones they've started making.
Also, the minifigs are not that much larger than traditional LEGO minifies.  I thought they'd sort of bother me, but they really don't.  Overall I really like the new parts and colors in this set.  I'm interested in getting a few more of the Friends sets because of the unique parts and colors.

If you can get it for a discount price, this is a nice purchase.  $34.99 (Toys R Us MSRP) for 222 pieces is a bit steep, otherwise.

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