Friday, January 13, 2012

Building Challenge #2

Okay, before we get down to business and announce our second challenge, we'd like to remind you that these challenges remain open for the rest of the month.  So if you're new here, we'd love to have you check out our first challenge and share a model!  This link will take you there, and if you need help posting an entry, click here.

Time for the next challenge!  Wherever you are, whatever you're doing...stop and take a look around because the next challenge is....

Building Challenge #2:  Build an Everyday Object
This time the scale is up to you.  Put a LEGO twist on an everyday object.  We have some AWESOME inspiration models for you this week.  First up is me, LEGOMom with the world famous red stapler!  (Have you seen my stapler??)
Red Stapler, by LEGOMom
Make sure you load the staples!
And you can open it all the way if you need to tack something to a bulletin board!
Next is another impressive entry by 7 year old LEGOBoy.  He made a riding lawn mower, complete with a propeller underneath to simulate the mower blade!
Riding Lawn Mower, by LEGOBoy
And last, but not least, LEGODad spent quite a bit of time cooking up his 8-bit Nintendo!  And of course, it wasn't enough to make something that just *looked* like a Nintendo.  It has a working door which you can open and close and slide a cartridge into, the controller can be plugged in or removed, and the buttons on the front of the console are "pushable".  (There's a spring brick behind them.)  The cartridges by themselves are impressive.  And even the controller cable is LEGO.
8-bit Nintendo Console by LEGODad
Insert a game.
Two cartridges available now.
Just wow.  
We hope we've inspired you to build something and share with us!  Comments are appreciated, too.  And remember, if we've talked you into playing along with us, add AFOL or KFOL to your picture caption!  Thanks for visiting!

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