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We'd love to hear from you!  If you have comments, questions, or something to share, email us at:  brickcollectors@earthlink.net.  We appreciate you taking the time to say hello!

Name:  LEGOMom
Favorite Theme:  Creator LEGO Modular Buildings
Favorite Model:  LEGO Grand Emporium
Favorite Minifig: ?

Name:  LEGODad
Favorite Theme:  LEGO Star Wars
Favorite Model:  Second Death Star
Favorite Minifig:  Musketeer
Website:  Brick a Brack Studios

Name:  LEGOBoy, Age 7
Favorite Theme:  LEGO Ninjago
Favorite Model:  Jay's Storm Fighter
Favorite Minifig:  Jay ZX

Name:  LEGOGirl, Age 1
Favorite Theme:  LEGO Friends
Favorite Model:  Whatever she can get her hands on.
Favorite Minifig:  Whatever she can get her hands on.

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