Friday, March 9, 2012

Building Challenge #9

I can't believe we're already on our 9th challenge!  So what are we up to this week?

Building Challenge #9 - Play with Your Food!

I'm pretty sure I was hungry when I chose this week's challenge.  This week we challenged ourselves to make food out of LEGOs!  And oddly enough, we seemed to choose things from the dessert category.  So take a look at the tasty treats we're serving up this week:

Ice Cream Sandwich, by LEGOBoy

LEGOBoy went with the simple, yet elegant, yet delicious ice cream sandwich.  We've been snacking on these lately - very yummy!

I wanted to make a LEGO cupcake, because I thought the wrapper was a challenge I could handle.  Despite much tinkering, it didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped.  

Cupcake, Front View, by LEGOMom
I like it, but I'm still convinced I could do better.  The frosting and sprinkles went roughly according to plan.  I really feel like I want a redo on this one, but with the pieces I have available, I'm not sure there's much I could adjust.
Cupcake, Side View, by LEGOMom
So hopefully we've inspired you to either find something delicious to eat, or even better (and better for you!) - join us in this challenge!

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