Friday, March 23, 2012

Building Challenge #11

Time for a little confession...I forgot to get my model ready for this week's challenge!  We've had record warmth here - we set a new all-time high temp for March - 82º!  That's unheard of for Western New York.  It's been in the 70s for almost a week and as a result we've been spending a lot of our free time doing outdoorsy things.  So in honor of that, this week's challenge is to start something and NOT finish it!  We should have a lot of entries for this one :).  Actually, I'm kidding.  That's not really the challenge.

Building Challenge #11 - We Built This City
This week the challenge was to build something you'd find in a city.  LEGOBoy did complete a model for this week - a town hall.  He added in a bunch of fun details which you can see in the close-ups.

Town Hall, by LEGOBoy

Secretaries (with a BIG stack of paperwork), and Metal Detector in Foreground

Break Room/Utility Room - with Coffeemaker & Fire Extinguisher

The Judge and a very diabolical criminal
And now here's my model...the unfinished symphony.  I started this modular building quite awhile ago and thought I'd use this challenge as an opportunity to finish it.  Sadly, I didn't get any further with it.  So here it is in it's partially complete state:

Modular House, by LEGOMom

Reverse View

Front View
I was trying to make this house in the same scale as the other modular buildings LEGO has released.  I still hope to finish this - add some landscaping, a second floor, and some sort of roof. (And decorate the inside, too, of course!)  I'll add updated photos as construction progresses...  Hopefully you are having better luck finishing what you started this week!

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