Friday, March 2, 2012

Building Challenge #8

Here we are at yet another Friday!   This week just flew by.  Anyway, if it's Friday that means it's time for this week's building challenge!

Building Challenge #8 - Building Buddies
This week's challenge isn't about what you build, it's about who you build with!  This week we are challenging you to put two (or more) great minds together and create anything you'd like!  Sometimes it can be a challenge to build as part of a team, but sometimes one person's creativity can spark another's.

So for our inspiration model this week, my son and I created something in honor of the new LEGO Ninjago TV show that has been airing.  We've been keeping up with the episodes on YouTube since we cut off the satellite company.  My son really wanted to build the home of the Venomari, as pictured in the screen shot below from Episode 5 (Ignore the Episode 8 label.  Everyone who posts videos on YouTube seems to use their own weird numbering!)

Here's our creation, which we've started to refer to as the Venomari Temple:

Venomari Temple, by LEGOMom & LEGOBoy

So who built what?  I built the twisted trees and found that nice big brown arch in the back that kind of creates the "temple" area.  LEGOBoy added the venom dripping from the trees.

You may recognize this new LEGO set that we incorporated into our model - set #9440 The Venomari Shrine.  We tucked it in underneath our arch.  LEGOBoy continued the green transparent pieces from the model onto the baseplate, creating a bit of a waterfall effect.

It took both of us to fill in all the venom.  All we had were a lot of tiny pieces to use.  *A LOT*.

And here is Lasha, who was our construction overseer, and occasionally contributed suggestions of his own.   :)

And's your turn!  Get busy building with a buddy!  And as always, we'd love it if you came back and shared your creations with us, too.  Enjoy your weekend - hope it is LEGO-filled!

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