Friday, April 6, 2012

Building Challenge #12

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled Friday Building Challenges!  We hope you enjoyed the tour of our LEGO room.  Now we're back to share what we've been up to.

Building Challenge #12 - Think Spring!

This week we decided to make creations that remind us of Spring.  The warmer temps we had a few weeks ago have caused many plants to begin budding earlier than usual, putting us into a spring-y state of mind.

Up first this week is LEGOBoy with not one, but TWO, nature-inspired models.  The first is his very clever "April Showers Bring May Flowers".

April Showers Bring May Flowers, by LEGOBoy
I really love how he managed to support the cloud using clear transparent pieces and put blue ones into those same supports so it would look like rain was falling.  He's one clever kid :).

For his second model, he built a Bamboo Plant.  I really love this model - there's something sort of Zen about it and his design was very clever once again.  Inside the base he used technic pieces to attach that long green piece from one of the Atlantis sets.  It just amazes me how he engineers things.  So cool.

Bamboo Plant, by LEGOBoy
I borrowed the base from LEGOBoy's Bamboo Plant to photograph my contributions.  I've been wanting to try making some LEGO flowers, so I took about 2 hours and played around with different designs.  The first is my best attempt at a Daffodil.  I like it, but it was a very difficult build.  I tried lots of variations.

Daffodil, by LEGOMom
 My second flower came together much more quickly.  It's sort of like a Gerber Daisy.

Gerber Daisy, by LEGOMom
For the petals, I used baseball hats.  I think it looks sort of cool.

Hope you enjoyed our latest creations!  Have a great Easter weekend!

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