Sunday, May 6, 2012

Review - LEGO Mini Modulars - VIP Exclusive (10230)

As promised, here's a little info about set #10230, the Mini Modulars Exclusive Set.  Each building comes in its own bag, which is kind of cool.  I learned a lot of techniques and new uses for pieces by building these little guys.  The detail is just amazing.

I really think the only way to truly appreciate this set is to build it for yourself.  I also built this just after finishing the Fire Brigade, and it was neat to build the mini of it while the full-size version was still fresh in my mind.

If you are a fan of the Modular Buildings, then this set is a no-brainer.  You need it.  It's inspired me to try and create a mini-mod as cool as these.  So far I've been having a rough time of it, which just gives me an even greater appreciation for the LEGO designers who come up with a set as cool as this.  It's really tough to make intricate buildings on a scale this small.

I will say, however, that I'm about sick of piling 1x1 plates on top of each other.  The darn things bother me if they aren't perfectly lined up with each other, and it's just so easy for them to be slightly twisted out of place.  I'm sure there are a lot of folks who don't have that particular hang-up, and will find this build more enjoyable as a result!

Side note:  My seven-year-old built the Green Grocer, despite the fact that this set is 12+.  You do have to have a good eye for detail, though.  A lot of pieces get thrown down in a single step, and they're all so tiny!

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  1. They really are a cool little set. I still need to pick up my own copy.

    I made a stab at building a mini during the toysnbricks contest. Figuring out how to do details at that scale is quite challenging. Mine just came out looking too plain.


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