Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Great Place to Visit - Lasting Toys!

If you like LEGOs and are anywhere in the vicinty of Toronto, Canada there's a place you have to go to.  Even if you're not in the vicinity...if it's like an hour and a half's still way worth it.  This is one of our favorite places - Lasting Toys.

Lasting Toys is an independent LEGO store in Mississauga, Ontario.  We first discovered them a few years ago, I think, back when they were in a much smaller store.  They are packed floor to ceiling with LEGOs.  They carry old & new sets - they still have a few LEGO Agents, Rock Raiders, and Aquanauts sets!  They have all sorts of accessories and books, too.

On our most recent visit we picked up the Ocean Interceptor from the DINO line, some BrickStix, an old Bionicle polybag, the Mirkwood elf polybag, and a Friends polybag for LEGOGirl.

It's really cool being able to see older sets on the shelves.  They tend to have a good assortment of rare and hard to find items.  It's just a really cool place and I highly recommend a visit.

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